Who We Are

Every person has certain inalienable basic rights inscribed in the very human nature, dictated by human reason, recognized, guaranteed and promoted by the Constitution of India along with various statutes and other International covenants. Yet, due to various anti-human circumstances and oppressive social structures the poor, women, children, elderly, sick…..

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Our Commitment

Realizing that law is an important tool for bringing transformation and justice to the poor and the needy people in promoting social change, the Kohima Region sent Ravi Sagar for training in the field of law in 1998. The Legal Cell for Human Rights (LCHR) is thus an initiative by the Jesuits of the Kohima Region of the Society of Jesus in keeping with a comprehensive and strategic action-plan for social transformation of people of the Northeast India.

Our Interventions


Rural Capacity Building Programme

For the last 15 years LCHR has been involved in creating legal awareness and built up legal capacity among the rural people in more than 10 districts of Assam.Learn More »

Legal Capacity Building among the Tea Plantation Labourers in Assam

It is a programme designed to create legal awareness and to strengthen legal capacity among the tea plantation labourers in various districts of Assam.Learn More »

Training Para-Legal Personnel

It is an ongoing programme that aims at training about 10 energetic young unemployed persons in a year to be bare-foot lawyers in the villages to deal with legal issues at the grass-roots level.Learn More »


Para Legal Professionals
Years of Social Work