The status of women rights:

  • The proposed project recognizes need of legal awareness and legal capacity of women is the need of the hour in order to end deprivation, violation of fundamental rights, and oppression of women due to lack of knowledge. It is also recognized that the solution to problem lies in strengthening to foster cooperation among women to help each other with legal awareness of their rights and duties.
  • Selecting of youth as new PLPs and Training of  the new PLPs in Harmuti and forming of Cluster groups.
  • The project will be in three districts of Bodoland Territorial region (BTR) mainly in Chirang, Udalguri & Baksa.

The status of Child Rights:

  • Training on ‘Child Rights’.
  • Formation and training of ‘Village Vigilant Committee’ and ‘Village Child Rights Protection Committees(VCRPCs)’.
  • Monitoring of Unsafe Child Migrants.
  • Training of ‘Child Right Workers (CRWs)’, ‘District Child Right Workers (DCRWs)’, and Project Co-ordinators (PCs)’.