About LCHR

We, the members of LCHR, drawn from diverse ethnic and religious groups with rich cultural backgrounds, having professional expertise, are called to walk in the spirit of pioneers to realize the constitutional values in our society.

Among our peoples we discern a deep yearning for: human rights, justice, liberty, equality, fraternity, peace, ethnic reconciliation, the restoration creation with ecological and climate justice, freedom from the ill-effects of liberalization; building up of well-knit families and human communities; the preservation of their ethnic identity, cultural and religious traditions.

We, being aware that our people are part of the global community, respond to these aspirations and make them our priorities. We incarnate them in all our endeavours in the spirit of the excellence, as a joyful team on a mission, with constant discernment, respecting every team member and collaborating with others committed to the same cause of building up India to realize its constitutional values.


Every person has certain inalienable basic rights inscribed in the very human nature, dictated by human reason, recognized, guaranteed and promoted by the Constitution of India along with various statutes and other International covenants. Yet, due to various anti-human circumstances and oppressive social structures the poor, women, children, elderly, sick, differently abled, backward classes, minorities, tribals and such other people are vulnerable to the systematic violation and denial of their human, socio-cultural, economic and civil rights.

Our Vision

LCHR visualizes itself as a peoples’ initiative for the protection and promotion of inalienable human rights and socio-cultural rights to restore human dignity and to uphold constitutional values by preventing violence, discrimination and marginalization and by preserving equality, justice, peace, liberty, fraternity and harmony among people with a preferential option and affirmative action to create humane and just society.


  • The mission of LCHR is to empower the powerless in order to reclaim for themselves their inalienable human rights and human dignity, which has been distorted by in-human structures by creating awareness, by disseminating legal information, knowledge and education, and by accompanying the weak, poor and the needy in their struggle for justice. LCHR endeavours to empower the powerless to observe their duties, to approach the appropriate forums and to restitute their socio-economic, cultural, religious, human rights and civil liberties.


    • To join hands with the Government in framing pro-people policies in order to create public opinion through social advocacy.
    • To awaken the rural masses through the dissemination of information about their rights and duties.
    • To initiate a process of “Alternative Dispute Resolution System” through negotiation, arbitration and conciliation based on the principles of natural justice and other acceptable legal principles.
    • To accompany the poor, the weak, the powerless and the marginalized on a preferential basis in critical legislations.
  • To network with voluntary organizations and peoples movements.

Our Commitment

“Human rights is a universal standard. It is a component of every religion and every civilization.”

Shirin Ebadi

Our History


    • PLP – 600+
    • AWARD – 2
    •  YEAR OF SERVICE – 11