Date: 24.09.2018



The exposure visit for the three districts Nagaon, Sonitpur, Udalguri district for the PLP cluster groups was held on September 24, 2019. The resource people were Dilip Kumar Borah (chairperson of CWC Sonitpur), Barnali Sarmah Boruah (Member of JJB, Sonitpur), Popy Das (Protection Officer institutional care, Sonitpur), and Astha Rani Laskhar (A counselor in Sonitpur district). A total no. 56 PLP including 3 district coordinators were present namely Habil Ekka, Rinku Parida & Siblal Panika.

The session starts at 11.30 A. m with introductory by LCHR Programme manager Mousumi Kalita with PLPs, also she welcome resource person.

The 1st resource person Dilip Kumar Borah, He explained about the human rights briefly that the children were future of the country depends on their well-being and bringing them up in a peaceful environment. In any society, there is a possibility of neglected Children becoming victims of circumstances. He explained the few categories of cases like child trafficking, child labour and child Marriage also they picked beggar children who were probably found in streets, hotels and railway station which deals under CWC social workers. 

The 2nd resource person Barnali Sarmah Boruah, She explained that The JJB consists of a Metropolitan Magistrate or a judicial magistrate of the first class and two Social workers, at least one of whom should be a woman, These cases have been brought before Juvenile Justice Board for trail, also she said that Juvenile Justice Board is similarly as Session Court and High court. She also mentioned that during the period of trail children will be kept in Juvenile Home where every facilities towards children will provided by Government. 

The 3rd resource Person Popy Das, she explained that they identify families and children at risk to prevent destitution of children and provide them necessary support services like counseling, access to health care, education, vocational skills etc. she mentioned that the  Protection Officer (Non-Institutional Care) supervise under the DCPO, she said that it ensure effective implementation of the non-institutional components of ICPS relating to sponsorship, foster-care, adoption, she also mentioned that in every district shall have a maximum of three Protection Officers (Non-Institutional Care) on the basis of geographical spread and child population of the district.

The 4th resource person Astha Rani Laskhar, she explained that any child commits crime should kept juvenile home for better rehabilitation and social integration in the society, she also explained in our country many parents are there who don’t have child, they can also adopted a orphaned child from juvenile after proper investigation by CWC. She also mentioned that counseling should be mandatory before the CWC officer of both adoptive parents and child. She also explained that above 18 yrs is legally free under the guidance of forester care committee which is approved by CWC chairperson.


They suggested that children are supremely important national asset and the greater gift of humanity in the present scenario and on ground level realities appear hollow children are protected by the constitutional rights. No child shall denied basic needs irrespective of their race, creed, caste the constitution provides them with guaranteed rights. All children were eligible for good education, proper food, shelter family living. Even a child who in the eye of law has committed an offence has been safeguard by the constitution

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